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Aditi Shrivastava

Writer | Former VC | Capitalist

Aditi Shrivastava

Writer | Former VC | Capitalist

I am a business writer for The CapTable, an independent platform covering high impact news on India’s emerging economy. I write on emerging companies, venture capital, M&A, ecommerce, culture, and policy.

I believe that diversity in management is good for business and want to see more women in leadership roles.

Prior to building The CapTable, I was with The Economic Times, Asia’s largest financial daily.

Sitting in the heart of India’s bustling startup capital – Bengaluru – gives me a ring-side view to new ideas and how technology, and teams help them become reality.

A good part of my day is spent either on the phone, zoom, or in coffee shops and tech parks speaking to founders, investors, and startup employees.


For me, startups are a way of life… a place where biases will be proved wrong every couple of years!


I constantly look for exciting businesses that are challenging the status quo, disrupting legacy sectors or creating a new industry.

I’m equally cognizant that building a business is by no means an easy journey, and it takes time, hustle, and patience to build enduring companies.

But I confess, a large part of this realization came when I stepped out of journalism and hopped into the ring as an associate in an early-stage venture capital firm.

Two years at Stellaris taught me the nuances of evaluating businesses, people, and markets. But more importantly it gave me exposure to the framework to constantly question, and the ability to balance risk, with patience.

I am grateful for the unfiltered access i got to work up close with some of the best entrepreneurs in the country during this time! But then I quit, and that’s an interesting story as well.

Born, brought up and schooled in Delhi, I decided to pursue a career in journalism when I was 19. And since then, there was never a dull moment!

Even as I cover other people’s stories, I am excited to create my own!

Significance > Success.


Speed makes a good story. Velocity makes an outcome.





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