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Launching The CapTable – a news platform for the new economy

by Feb 26, 2021Personal

Launching The CapTable – a news platform for the new economy

by Feb 26, 2021Personal

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from tracking emerging tech companies, it is that it takes one deep insight to build the most formidable brand (more so if you’re not the first to the market).

For Flipkart, that was solving for consumer confidence by unlocking trust in ecommerce by introducing cash on delivery. For Swiggy and later Zomato, it was about solving the quality of delivery service, which they did by building their own fleets. For Urban Company, it was solving for uniformity of service, which the platform built by upskilling its professionals.

None of these businesses was the first to the market. But years later, these businesses emerged as leaders (not without their share of hiccups, but they emerged stronger nevertheless.) Why? There are multiple schools of thought to that, and here is my take.

They consistently identified an unmet consumer need and built relentlessly to solve for it.

In my view, innovation backed by deep insight is what it took! The answers that look so obvious in hindsight were, in my opinion, some of the biggest game-changing ideas in India’s new economy.

And that brings me to The CapTable. I strongly believe that India’s entrepreneurial talent is unparalleled and as the ecosystem matures, this decade will be pivotal for technology businesses, be it going for IPOs or expanding operations in new geographies. It’s also going to be a time when we will increasingly see traditional businesses enter the tech domain.

I see this as an opportunity for a new publication — to rise above the daily clutter and build a publication that writes objective, incisive, fact-based articles on businesses and the people behind.

Which is the reason why we have started The CapTable. To hold a mirror to India’s dynamic new economy and enable you, our readers, to make high-impact decisions. We believe that breaking news will keep our readers at the forefront of emerging themes, and analysing these businesses with objectivity will be our hook.

And as we begin this journey, I am proud to be working with some of the best reporters and editors in the industry.

On the onset, I am filled with gratitude. This community of founders, investors and the media has helped me become a better writer, forced me to ask the right questions, and encouraged me to find the answers.

Thank you for your continued support.